Gamification Platform - Loyalty & Rewards

An easy-to-use framework of proven game mechanics to integrate directly with your digital services. Cloud-based with security, reliability and scalability prioritised.
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Build engaging customer loyalty experiences

Launch digital loyalty programs with virtual currencies, rewards mechanics and dedicated prize management system. Turn casual users into long-term loyal advocates of your brand.
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Create long-term user retention

Tap into powerful human drivers like recognition and reward, competition and collaboration, with purposefully designed mechanics. Engage users on new levels and with meaning.
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Make content personal and relevant

Create content experiences that speak directly to your users’ interests, demographics and expectations. Keep users engaged with your brand with the right content at the right time.
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Introducing GameLayer FREE

Unlock the power of gamification - Today

A completely FREE version of our gamification platform. Get full access to the API, our dedicated gamification CMS and all of the game mechanics we currently offer – challenges, achievements, level-ups, leaderboards, quizzes, mystery boxes and much more.

Available on request from:  |  Note: Free accounts limited to 1,000 users
API-first - the modern way to build applications

Flexibility & Adaptability

Powerful event-driven gamification platform that can be integrated with any digital service by companies looking to differentiate from their competitors and deliver highly engaging user experiences.

Projects we have worked on together with customers that have implemented our technology have seen a positive lift in key business metrics, for example:

+50% increase in product awareness;

+25% increase in average session time;

+35% increase in the user retention

+65% increase in user engagement.

Gamification Platform & Services
Customer References

Gamification Services

Concept Creation

We work together with you to understand your business needs and objectives. These are used to define the best concept to deliver a successful and engaging user experience while adding concrete business value.

Implementation & Integration

The concept is then translated into a concrete gamification structure based on our framework of event-driven game mechanics.
We then implement this design using our gamification platform and provide technical support during the integration phase with your digital service(s).

content Management

Together we co-create a roadmap of content | gamification feature updates and GameLayer takes ownership of actively managing those updates to ensure the service delivers maximum engagement to your users and business value to you.

Gamification Platform & Services
Gamification Platform & Services
Seamless integration with existing services

API-First Gamification

It is quick and easy to integrate our API with your existing digital services – or develop entirely new services on top of GameLayer. In addition to the relative ease and speed in which you can get started, the API approach allows you to retain control over the UI, the UX, and everything in-between. You never have to worry about your brand identity being compromised in any way, shape or form as you remain in full control over the user experience always.

Update content without having to update your code

Content Management

Once you have integrated the API, it couldn’t be easier to manage your project’s gamification content through the online dashboard. This is particularly useful for time-sensitive content and seasonal updates – Keeping content fresh and relevant is often paramount to a deep and engaging user experience. As a cloud-based solution, you can publish content updates in real-time (or schedule them for later) without having to touch the code.

Gamification Platform & Services

Frequently asked questions​

Pricing is based on a number of things – active users, content management needs, SLA level, etc … Contact us using the form below to request our current price list. If you want to take the platform for an initial test drive then this is also an option.

Probably. If your digital service can send REST API calls and process JSON data, we can most likely support your use case(s). If in doubt, drop us a note detailing your specific use case(s) and we will get back to you with our suggestions.

All functionality is provided via the API which leaves you in full control of the UI and the UX for the optimal branded experience.

Absolutely. Drop us a note telling us a little about your project and we will get that sorted for you ASAP!
We’d love to. We offer a range of additional services including set-up consultancy. Drop us a note telling us a little about your project and we will get back to you with our initial thoughts.
We use MongoDB for data storage which comes with a suite of security features. API calls are secured with unique API keys linked to the customer account. And our admin dashboard relies on the Auth0 identity platform for authorisation and authentication.
Of course. We adhere to the stringent EU regulations for data compliancy. We do not collect any unnecessary personal data from users nor do we store or process data other than for the purpose of improving our service.
Click the ‘docs’ link above. Our API docs are now publicly available 🙂

We have found that well-implemented and well-managed gamification experiences can have significant impact on business operations. Each project and each company has their own nuances … This is why we like to be involved to share our experiences and best practices whenever we can.

Yes. We also offer extended SLAs for companies that require that extra coverage. Drop us a note and we will provide you with details of the different SLA options including pricing.

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If you would like more information about our API-first gamification platform and pricing or want to take our platform for a test drive, please use the form below to tell us a little about your project and any specific requirements you may have. We will get back to you with the necessary details and, where requested, some potential (virtual) meeting slots.

Gamification Platform & Services