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Proven to improve user engagement and drive customer loyalty, GameLayer's intuitive gamification platform is simple to implement featuring a dedicated CMS and seamless REST API integration
Launch gamification in weeks, not months

Scalable & Inexpensive

API-first gamification micro-service developed on enterprise-level cloud infrastructure.

Integrate with any digital service and differentiate from competitors with engaging digital user experiences.

Our customer projects have delivered:

+25% increase in average session time;

+35% increase in frequency of logged-in sessions; 

+65% of users engaged on a weekly basis;

+1000% increase in task completion;

+50% increase in product and service awareness;

+45% increase in positive brand sentiment.

Gamification Platform & Services
Customer Projects

Additional Services

Concept Creation

We work together with you to understand your business needs and objectives. These are used to define the best concept to deliver a successful and engaging user experience while adding concrete business value.

Implementation & Integration

The concept is then translated into a concrete gamification structure based on our framework of event-driven mechanics. We then implement this design using our gamification platform and provide technical support during the integration phase with your digital service(s).

content Management

Together we co-create a roadmap of content | feature updates and GameLayer takes ownership of actively managing those updates to ensure the service delivers maximum engagement to your users and business value to you.

Gamification Platform & Services
Gamification Platform & Services
Integrate seamlessly with existing services

API-First Approach

Quick and easy to integrate our REST API with your existing digital services – or develop entirely new services on top of GameLayer. The API-first approach enables you to retain full control over the UI and UX, and brand experience.

Personalise the user experience

Content Management

Our dedicated CMS enables you to publish content updates in real-time (or schedule them for later) without touching the code. Deliver fresh and relevant content to users based on their preferences and engagement with your content. 

Gamification Platform & Services

Frequently asked questions​

Probably. If your digital service can send REST API calls and process JSON data, we can most likely support your use case(s). If in doubt, drop us a note detailing your specific use case(s) and we will get back to you with our suggestions.

All functionality is provided via the API which leaves you in full control of the UI and the UX for the optimal branded experience.

Absolutely. Drop us a note telling us a little about your project and we will get that sorted for you ASAP!
We’d love to. We offer a range of additional services including set-up consultancy. Drop us a note telling us a little about your project and we will get back to you with our initial thoughts.
We use MongoDB for data storage which comes with a suite of security features. API calls are secured with unique API keys linked to the customer account. And our admin dashboard relies on the Auth0 identity platform for authorisation and authentication.
Of course. We adhere to the stringent EU regulations for data compliancy. We do not collect any unnecessary personal data from users nor do we store or process data other than for the purpose of improving our service.
Click the ‘docs’ link above. Our API docs are now publicly available 🙂

We have found that well-implemented and well-managed gamification experiences can have significant impact on business operations. Each project and each company has their own nuances … This is why we like to be involved to share our experiences and best practices whenever we can.

Yes. We also offer extended SLAs for companies that require that extra coverage. Drop us a note and we will provide you with details of the different SLA options including pricing.

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You should receive your log-in credentials to the CMS – where you can find also your unique API key – within 12 hours of signing-up. It is a good idea to keep an eye also on your junk folder.