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Customer Projects

We have over a decade of experience with some established brands and picked up some industry awards along the way!

These use cases highlight the breadth of our gamification platform to solve diverse business problems, drive engagement, and build loyalty.

Gamification for Digital Loyalty Programs

Finnair Plus

Finnair is the national airline of Finland. For Finnair we provided an extension to their traditional frequent flyer program in which members could both earn and burn their loyalty points for engaging with the brand through various, non-transactional, challenges.

For Finnair we introduced a new way for the airline to target its members with highly personalized content based on their travel data and membership status.

Tags: #loyalty #personalization #airline

Industry Award for Best Marketing Campaign from an Airline

Veikkaus Points

Veikkaus is the National Lottery of Finland. For Veikkaus we provided the entire back-end for their gamified loyalty program in which members could earn points and unlock rewards for engaging with brand-specific content.

For Veikkaus we introduced a new way for the lottery to communicate with members on the topic of ‘Responsible Gaming’ and to motivate them to take RG tools into use.

Tags: #loyalty #prize_management #engagement #lottery

Industry Awards for both Responsible Gaming and Innovation

Gamification for Digital Loyalty Programs
Gamification for User Engagement & Digital Loyalty

Veikkaus Check Points

We integrated directly with Veikkaus’ mobile app and enabled location-based mystery boxes tied to the GPS co-ordinates of the lottery’s partner R-Kioski (14,000 locations). Members could view available mystery boxes from a map view and but could only open a box when physically present.

For Veikkaus we introduced a real-time prize management system for ‘instant win’ prizes awarded through the mystery boxes. For example, a one-time QR code, would allow members to claim an ice cream from R-Kioski

Tags: #rewards #mystery_boxes #location-based #lottery

Reima GO!

Reima is the number one kidswear brand from Finland.

We integrated directly with the Reima GO! mobile app and enabled challenges – tied to physical activity – for Reima’s B2B offering towards schools and kindergartens.

Syncing activity data from Reima’s wearable devices, we made it possible for teachers to create and deliver a learning objective to the simple act of kids being active … In a fun and engaging way.

For Reima we enabled the collection of data from multiple simultaneous data sources and consolidated it such that it could power a singular objective with a specific outcome. A particular challenge that we overcame was to pause, switch and re-start challenges using the same data source(s).

Tags: #wearables #education #kids #apparel

Gamification for User Engagement
Gamification for User Engagement & Digital Loyalty


Baaz is an up-and-coming social platform. For Baaz we provide all the tech enablers for their gamified loyalty program in which users are rewarded for being active on the platform and for generating content that further enriches the platform and the broader user experience.

We make it possible for Baaz to create a very targeted content experience for its users based on their experience with and contributions towards the platform. This personalized experience also extends to the rewards that users can unlock and redeem.

Tags: #loyalty #rewards #personalization #social_platform


Symbaloo is a personal homepage and bookmark manager geared primarily towards teachers and students. For Symbaloo we provide a gamification framework (challenges, achievements, level-ups, leaderboards) which are designed to motivate and activate users to engage with a specific content journey.

We make it possible for Symbaloo to introduce users to the core functionality of its platform in a fun and engaging way. In doing so, we ensure that new – and existing – users are fully acquainted with the resources available to them and get the most value out of the service.

Tags: #gamification #onboarding #platform #education

Gamification for Education