Gamification as a Service

Cloud -based game mechanics to turn your users into highly engaged and motivated players

Just how simple is it?

1. Design

Create your gamification elements quickly and easily in the online SNAP! dashboard.

2. Implement

Add SNAP! API calls to your digital app or service.

3. Enjoy

Sit back and watch your users SNAP! into action and become engaged and motivated players.




The use of game mechanics and game thinking to turn non-gaming products into experiences that capture the attention and motivation of users to interact more deeply and more often with your content.

Gamification is a seriously powerful way to get your users doing more of what you want them to…

Engaged users are loyal and motivated users!

Proven Engagement

Increase in content consumption

Increase in sales generated

Proven Motivation

Increase in task adoption

Increase in task completion

Proven Loyalty

Increase in fan loyalty

Increase in user retention

“Using GameLayer’s SNAP! platform has been a rewarding experience for us. We had some initial ideas on how to gamify our web service and engage our visitors better, however, we lacked the technical solution to make it happen. SNAP! has enabled us to bring those ideas to reality quickly and easily. And the results so far look more than promising.”

Joni Ruotsalainen  Concept Designer, Veikkaus

SNAP! Platform


Developed from the ground-up in Helsinki, home of the world-famous Finnish Games Industry, by software and gaming industry veterans.

SNAP! consists of an online dashboard where it is super-easy to create and manage your gamification project and an API which you will use to implement it.

To the dashboard


Reward users for their actions with experience points and get them competing with each other


Motivate users with credits that can be redeemed for amazing gifts and prizes


Encourage users to learn and get better at something to prepare them for the next and more challenging tasks ahead


Award users with an achievement when they do something awesome and grant them power and status that goes with it


Get users competing with each other for the top spot in daily, weekly, monthly and all-time leaderboards


Create a sense of urgency for task-completion with missions that need to be tackled before the deadline


Give users with particular interests their own dedicated route so they can focus on becoming specialists in their chosen areas


Add a little extra incentive for your users with digital and physical prizes

Progress Bars

Keep users focused and up-to-date on how much effort is still required before reaching a goal


If you can add analytics tracking to your site, you can also gamify it


We scale with your needs, from a few users to a few million, and we charge you only for what you use


We treat your data like the precious asset it is. We know it’s yours, so you can always have it back

Events triggered
Players registered
Missions completed

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