GameLayer reaches 4 million users

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone at GameLayer – we’ve reached 4 million users on our platform! This achievement is a testament to the value that our gamification, loyalty, and rewards solutions bring to our partners and ultimately their customers. At GameLayer, we understand the importance of engaging your audiences. Our gamification solutions […]

Sephora gamifies its Beauty Insider program

Sephora's Beauty Insider Program Goes Gamified: Earn More Rewards with Challenges

Sephora is taking the beauty game to a whole new level with their latest innovation, the “Beauty Insider Challenges.” This novel concept invites both seasoned shoppers and beauty enthusiasts alike to engage in a series of fun activities, some of which include making purchases, while others are entirely free! Here’s the scoop on their debut […]

Motivate employees all year round with micro-rewards

Micro-Rewards: How Companies are Motivating Employees with Instant Gratification

In the evolving workplace, companies are embracing new ways to keep their employees engaged by offering more than just the standard annual bonuses. Modern reward systems, featuring micro-rewards, are quickly becoming a staple in recognizing and motivating employees, with benefits that extend beyond mere compensation. Jackie, a communications manager in London, recently experienced this new […]