Sephora's Beauty Insider Program Goes Gamified: Earn More Rewards with Challenges


Sephora gamifies its Beauty Insider program

Sephora is taking the beauty game to a whole new level with their latest innovation, the “Beauty Insider Challenges.” This novel concept invites both seasoned shoppers and beauty enthusiasts alike to engage in a series of fun activities, some of which include making purchases, while others are entirely free!

Here’s the scoop on their debut challenge titled “Ready, Set, Sephora”: it’s a quartet of fun tasks designed to immerse you in the Sephora experience. From utilizing their convenient buy-online, pick-up in-store option, to signing up for text updates, sampling products at checkout, to experiencing the high-tech Color iQ in-store shade-matching tool – there’s something for everyone. The perk? Each task completed nets members a cool 100 points, and should you conquer the entire challenge, an extra 100 bonus points are yours. That’s a whopping 500 points in total, ripe for the picking, which you can exchange for Beauty Insider Cash, equivalent to a $10 discount on your next haul, or other tantalizing rewards.

To bag all 500 points, members must complete the challenge before December 22. For the uninitiated, joining Beauty Insider is absolutely free, and the more you shop, the higher you climb with their VIB and Rouge tiers awaiting after you spend $350 and $1,000, respectively. Every dollar spent is a point earned, with opportunities to multiply points during special seasonal events.

Emeline Berlind, the SVP and GM of loyalty at Sephora, shares, “We’re on a mission to not only highlight the thrilling variety of experiences we offer across our stores and online platforms but also to thank our devoted community for their loyalty. Introducing gaming dynamics into our loyalty scheme was a direct response to our customers’ desire for more interactive ways to connect with us. And we’re all about creating those vibrant connections, especially with the Gen Z crowd, through engaging rewards, exclusive access, and attractive perks.”

Ready to jump in? Beauty Insiders can simply navigate to the challenge section on their account page or through the Sephora Mobile app. A few clicks and you’re set to embark on the challenge, with a neat tracking system to keep tabs on your progress.

Sephora’s strategy to captivate Gen Z, which constitutes over 20% of the U.S. population, is backed by insights revealing that a significant portion of this demographic engages in gaming weekly. Incorporating such gamified elements in customer engagement has proven to amplify brand interaction, loyalty, and recognition substantially.

Reflecting on the evolution of loyalty programs, Zsuzsa Kecsmar, co-founder and CSO at Antavo, comments, “The traditional spend-a-dollar, earn-a-point system is ripe for reinvention. There’s a plethora of untapped potential in this space.”

Since overhauling its loyalty program back in 2018 with more redeemable options and a revamped points system, followed by introducing monetary rewards in 2020, Sephora has seen its Beauty Insider membership soar to 34 million—a staggering 30% increase. This boost is a testament to the program’s success, aligning with LVMH’s reports of solid sales growth and enhanced margins for Sephora across various markets.

With Sephora consistently pushing the boundaries, the beauty shopping experience is becoming more than just transactions; it’s about engagement, community, and fun. And that’s a beauty revolution we can all get behind.


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Source: Glossy